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"Thanks for my plot of the sun. I was happy to find that you didn't try to sell me a plot full of sunspots, nuclear hurricanes or lava people like other realtors!"
   -Jordan Pearce

"I really hate the sun.. but my girlfriend loves it!!"
   -Dylan Reed


In tough economic times, we realize that good investments can be hard to find. Real estate has consistently been a very satisfying way to realize long term investment gains.

We are prepared to offer you the finest in real estate opportunities located in sunny... um.. on the sun. Thats correct, we have laid claim to the sun and are now offering property on a first come first serve basis.

Now technically, at this point we own more land than anyone on the planet. The Sun has a radius of 695,500 kilometers, leading us to a surface area of 6,069,871,166,000.84 square kilometers. We will be setting aside a total of 30% of the available area for infrastructure usage, recreation land, and national parks. This leaves 4,248,909,816,200.59 square kilometers available for YOUR development!

Undeveloped tropical land is hard to come by these days, and what can get more tropical than actually living ON THE SUN! If the average temperature in Cancun is 85 degrees, and the average surface temperature on the sun is around 10,000 degrees (outside of those chilly 6,500 degree sunspots... brrr!), then that makes the Sun almost 120 times more tropical than Cancun! Someone get the margaritas!

We have decided to use this site as a tool to generate donation money for the American Cancer Society. So use it for entertainment, use it for a joke, but also use it to help some people out who desperately need it. We appreciate you're interest in becoming part of our online community, and hopefully we can help to make even a slight amount of a difference. Thanks!

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