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WeOwnTheSun.com got ownership of the sun in late summer of 2003. Fall was approaching which meant cold weather for us in the Midwestern United States. With this cold weather in mind, we felt that we had to find a tropical getaway, not just any tropical getaway… We wanted something unique, something more tropical than anyone has ever experienced, and we wanted this area to be the bigger than any Caribbean island, or west coast beach. After hours upon hours of brainstorming, we came up with: The Sun. Once set stake and found out how large our newly acquired property was, we decided that we needed to "share the wealth" of what we had. And that is how we decided to start selling this prices real estate of the sun on the interweb.

Many of you are probably curious about the individuals who came up with this wonderful idea, so here is a brief look at the pioneers who first laid stake on the sun:

Harper Reed -- Harper has played the role of evil genius on the now defunct series "The Love Boat." The episode that he starred in featured Harper as Mr. Magic-Beans, the arch-rival of Isaac the bartender. The episode featured many daring scenes that involved wrestling sea alligators and shooting off roman candles. Harper loves candles, and holds a candle party every Thursday at the Tea Room in Chicago.

Scott Vandenplas -- Scott holds a Nobel Prize in the Criticize Religion category, and invested the award money into Panda futures. It would have been a great investment if those god foresaken creatures would just mate in captivity. Seriously, how many disappointing panda orgies can one man throw before he moves on to Rhesus Monkeys? The answer is seven, and if you'd like to buy a Rhesus Monkey, e-mail Scott. As it turns out, monkeys love orgies.

Derek Brooks -- If you love pottery, and who doesn't love pottery, you're going to love Derek. Derek hates pottery. His favorite hobby involves knitting tiny sweaters for hairless animals, righting their wrongs before its too late. For some poor animals, its already too late. Derek is a co-sponsor for the prayer vigil for recessive animal traits in mammalian creatures, such as seedless watermelons. Derek also holds a degree in quantum mechanics, but ladies, don't let that stop you. He has a mean pile driver.

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