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Privacy Policy

What information does WeOwnTheSun.com receive and how do we use it?
When you register for WeOwnTheSun.com, we ask you for your name, contact information, and certain other information. This information lets us provide services and communicate with you. We also use our users information to contact them about the use of our services and to evaluate our their preferences, allowing us to improve those services.

Like most websites, we use small bits of data called cookies stored on users' computers to simulate a continuous connection. Cookies let us "remember" information about our users' preferences and passwords and allow our users to move within our service without reintroducing themselves.

May I choose what information I disclose?
While we need certain information to register you as a unique user and let you access personalized services, such as the WeOwnTheSun.com newsletter and forums, other requested information is optional and may be given at your discretion.

May I choose what communications I receive?
We occasionally send out an email newsletter to WeOwnTheSun.com members to highlight features of our services and inform you of new happenings around WeOwnTheSun.com. You can choose not to receive this newsletter during registration or by later removing yourself from the mailing list.

What kind of security is used to protect my information?
We store all user information in databases protected via a variety of access controls. Also, all passwords are double encrypted. This data is accessed only for the purposes specified in this privacy statement.

Who has access to my information?
We share personally identifiable data with other companies.

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