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Here are some safety tips from our staff:

  • The gravitational pull on the surface of the Sun is roughly 28 times the gravitational pull here on Earth. If you are on weight watchers, this is going to screw up your weekly weigh in. Please account for this.

  • When applying sunscreen you should focus more on areas pointing toward the surface (e.g. put plenty on the bottom of your nose and chin rather than the top of your nose and forehead)

  • If your property is in a Sun Spot zone, keep in mind that it is much, much cooler there than the rest of the surface (by several thousand degrees). You may want to invest in some warmer clothes, and try to stay bundled up. It wouldn't be a horrible idea to drink lots of hot cocoa and eat heavy meals.

  • We hear that the sun puts out a lot of energy (rumor has it around 380 billion billion megawatts). With this type of power, we are nearly positive you can plug your appliances directly into the surface. If you have to take the gloves off your heat suit to do this, please do not directly touch the sun.

  • As a child, you have probably heard horror stories about looking directly at the sun. All of these stories are true, always look up while on the surface.

  • Always wear eyewear that is rated 100% UV protection, and reapply sunscreen with a protection factor of 2.78x10^14 every 35 seconds.

  • Casting a shadow into space takes a little getting used to.

  • You should always wear protective clothing such as hats, long sleeve shirts, long pants, full body insulating kevlar suit, insulating fiberglass/asbestos burn proof volcano heat suit with an aluminum heat deflection coating, insulated welders mask, and stuffing some ice in your shorts is a probably a wise choice.
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